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Get the no-BS launch strategy you need to make your audience obsess over buying your next online course, membership or product.

Ready to find out how I can help you kick your launch chaos to the curb?

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Stuck in launch limbo?

There’s more to launching an online course, membership or product than swishing your magic wand and getting a hotter sell than front-row Hamilton tickets! And I’m guessing that’s exactly why you’re here.

Have great ideas but feel like your last launch went into a void (or maybe you haven’t launched at all) and want to be sure the next one is more successful

Are sick and tired of trying to duct tape your launch strategy together and hope it somehow works

Feel stressed about all the parts of your launch and want to be sure yours hits with a bang, not a sad whimper

You’ve got better things to do than fumbling around for months (or years) on end to get a lukewarm DIY launch off the ground.

And here’s the thing: Your launch doesn’t have to feel like a new climber starting out with Mt. Everest.

Even though it can feel a lot like staring at the summit and thinking “This is HUGE—how the hell am I supposed to pull this off?”…

…when you have an expert showing you how to put one foot in front of the other, rinse and repeat, and keep going, you can reach the top.

And that’s where I come in.

Hey there,

Grace Fortune here.

Think of me as your launch lifeline so you can boost your impact, authority, and revenue without obsessing about whether or not you have the right strategy. Using my Unf**k Your Launch framework, you’ll get everything you need to turn your audience into superfans and buyers and make your next launch the most successful yet.

Ready to find out how I can help you kick your launch chaos to the curb?

Your launch, unf**ked

No more chaos, no more sleepless nights obsessing over whether Tab A fits into Slot B or if it even should.

Just a streamlined process tailored to your offer and audience so your next launch is as smooth and successful as possible.

Here’s how I can help you tame the launch beast:

Launch Overhaul Audit

Got a launch that’s been through
the wringer? This comprehensive audit leaves no stone unturned so you can polish it up and take your next go-round from ‘meh’ to ‘hell yeah’.

No Bull Launch Blueprint 

You’ve got a kickass idea, now you need a plan. Say goodbye to “what the eff do I do now?” and hello to a detailed, step-by-step roadmap to get your offer out there and making bank.

Mount Launchmore Coaching Lifeline

Staring up at Launch Everest panicking about the climb? I’m your guide, your support, your launch Sherpa, helping you step-by-step so you reach the summit without dying.

1:1 Launch Lightning
Power Hour

Need a strategic kick in the ass?
In a 60-minute session, we’ll shape up your big idea so you can take the fast track to clarity, confidence and a bad-ass launch.

Launch Email Copywriting

Words are hard. When you’ve got me writing your launch emails, not so much. Book a spot and I’ll help turn your email list into paying customers by whipping up an email sequence they can’t stop reading.

Ready for a launch revolution?

(Raise a Glass!)

There is no one—and I mean no one—I trust more with my big ideas, my launches, and my strategy. Grace is always one of my first calls when I need to get clarity and a structure for the next big thing. And she writes the best damned emails.

Erin Pennings

Brand Messaging Strategist & Copywriter for Small Businesses and Startups

Ready to put nightmarish launches (far) in the rearview?

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