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you know very well that working with clients 1:1 is incredibly fulfilling and rewarding. The problem is that:

—> You’ve hit the point where your earning potential is capped because you just can’t take on any more clients.

—> You adore what you do, but you’re booked so solid that you’re totally burnt out and mentally fried (or heading there fast).

—> You’re absolutely dying to grow your business in a way that won’t increase your workload but you just don’t know how to pull it off on your own. Every time you hear the words “scale your business” thrown around, you get serious FOMO. 

as a copywriter,

After all, you’re only human (with the same 24 hours a day that everyone gets), and damnit, you deserve a life outside of work! 

Wouldn’t you give your left arm to spend time with the ones you love most without frantically checking your to-do list for the billionth time?

To travel to that place you’ve always dreamed of going - and not constantly worry about your work piling up?

I’ve got good news for you. 

Scaling your business doesn’t have to mean working harder. You can take the next logical step for a booked-out boss like you and expand your reach and impact by helping multiple people at the same time.

There’s just a tiny problem with that. 

enter the online course

Launching a course is a huge undertaking.

There's more to it than swishing your magic wand and BOOM - you have a six-figure course that’s a hotter sell than Bob Marley’s Legend album! 

you have to...

research your audience to figure out what offer will get a “hell yes!” from them.

build out your curriculum module by module to actually deliver on what you’re promising.

dream up a marketing plan that will spread the word about what you’re offering.

map out your buyer’s journey from start to finish so you know what’s going to happen from when they first lay eyes on you to the time they hit “buy!”

create all of the copy that goes with an online course (there’s a lot more to it than just writing a few emails and Facebook ads, my friend!).

design all of your visual assets (your course could have incredible content, but it won’t land if it’s poorly designed or confusing to navigate).

And then after all that agonizing and hours spent pulling your hair out trying to make your course perfect, you have to actually launch the thing!

Course launching requires a TON OF                         

that many freelancers don’t have. 

time and technical knowledge

Course launching
    requires a TON OF             

that many copywriters just don’t have. 

time and technical knowledge

You’ve got better things to do than fumbling around for months (or years) on end to get a lukewarm DIY course off the ground. Just because you can go that route doesn’t mean you should.

Let’s finally launch that course that’s been marinating in your head, even if it’s just the flicker of an idea right now. I’ll help you create, sell, and implement this thing.

You'll get everything you need to launch your course right into your audience’s repeat playlist -- from essential course strategy and marketing know-how to done-for-you copywriting and launch plans.

Grace Fortune here. 

How does she do it?

Hey There,

From client research, to curriculum, to marketing plan, to copywriting and asset creation, to launching… you get the whole package!

There are three ways I can help you, so choose the tune that makes you want to get on top of the dive bar stage and belt out ‘Billie Jean’ like no one’s watching.

For the brave and bold AF. Copywriters who've never launched before (or absolutely hated the process), but aren't ready to hand over the reigns. Get your very own launch plan that has your name written all over it. 

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For the movers and shakers. Copywriters who have launched before (and want to get more ROI for their troubles!). Get a plan that will give your old products new life and more freedom and time on your side.

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“You know that kid in math class who didn’t even have to try when it came to finding the square root of Pi?

Grace is that kid but with copywriting. On top of her copy skills, she’s big-hearted, beyond organized, and a breeze to work with. If you have the chance to get this gal’s brain on your business, don’t hesitate — I have a feeling she’ll be booked out soon.”

Conversion Copywriter 
and Quiz Funnel Strategist

-Chanti Zak

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