Leave launch lunacy behind and get a no-bull blueprint for success

Tired of the launch labyrinth?

Whether you’re launching your big idea for the first time or have several launches under your belt…

…you’re not alone if you feel like the road to roll out is riddled with chaos, confusion, and crappy advice.

It’s a minefield out there…

From DIY disasters to so-called “experts” with quick-fix fairytales, it’s hard to know who to trust or what will actually move the needle.

And instead of a one-size-fits-all get-rich-quick solution that is more complex than you need and won’t work for you, you’re ready for a no-frills launch strategy specific to your offer and your audience.

Need help navigating the launch minefield?

Grace Fortune, launch lifesaver at your service.

As a launch strategist and copywriter since 2020, I’ve had more jobs than I can count (including working as a VA and an unfortunate gig handling toxic chemicals), and I’ve helped one client earn over $2,000,000 from a handful of offers.

Whether your idea of success is 4, 5, or even 6 figures, my superpower is figuring out the best path forward to help you reach your goals in an approachable, actionable way.

And, you can count on me to give it to you straight – I’ll be your biggest cheerleader but I’ll also give you a reality check when you need it so you have realistic expectations for results.

Say hell no to bro marketing, and hello to launching with integrity.

I’ve also seen the good, the bad, and the butt-ugly when it comes to launch tactics and empty promises.

Lemme tell you – there’s nothing that drives me crazier than the barrage of “here’s the secret to an easy six-figure launch!” and “do this ONE THING (™) to 10x your income in your sleep!” messaging that’s designed to get your attention…

… but is nothing more than fluff.


Those promises you see as you go down your social media rabbithole don’t take your unique situation into account: your audience, your network, your offer, and the resources you have to take action (that’s money, time, and energy, my friend). They don’t know you.

They’re the clickbaity, Instagrammy thirst trap of the launch world and frankly, it’s a big load of bro BS.

That’s why I’ve made a vow to be different.

Using my Unf**k Your Launch framework, I’ll show you how to lay a solid foundation for your launch, so you can show up and sell authentically with a launch that serves your audience – with realistic results.

Fun Fact #1

I’m a Hamilton-obsessed music lover who loooooooves iced lattes, my gang of fuzzy (and non-fuzzy) animals*, and devouring book after book… after book… after book.

Less-Fun-But-Still-Relevant Fact #2

I was the VP of Public Relations for my local chapter of Toastmasters – an organization that develops public speaking, communication, and leadership skills.

Less-Fun-But-Still-Relevant Fact #3

I got my start as a virtual assistant in 2017 and helped my clients (coaches, copywriters, and financial advisors) with their launches. That’s how I became enamored with both copywriting and the almost limitless potential that creating 1:many assets like courses and memberships can have on a business. I became determined to learn everything I possibly could about launch funnels.

So – why does this matter to you?

If you want to launch alongside someone who…

  • has an empathetic, creative, caffeine-fueled energetic personality
  • has crystal clear communication skills
  • will lead you through your project from start to finish and keep you on track even during the most intense parts of a launch
  • has spent countless hours geeking out on every part of the launch process
  • has a serious talent for creating words that sell

… you will love working with me. I know my clients do – one of ‘em crossed $2 million in course sales!

*I will probably fall in love with your critters too, so always, ALWAYS send me pictures of your pets. Thx.

Join the launch revolution!

“Grace was able to de-scramble our course direction, settle my scattered brain, and clarify my company’s course offerings. (Dang, I was a mess.) Now, I’m less messy, thanks to Grace! So far…

We’ve delivered our first course to a Big Four professional services firm.
We have other companies who’re interested in similar trainings.

And we have knowledge and a framework for how to present, market, and deliver courses that are authentic to my company’s brand and relatable to our audiences.”

Derek Hambrick

 Copywriter & Founder, Cantilever Creative

Standing out in the launch landscape

For me, it’s only partly about delivering exceptional strategy and implementation — it’s also about building a business I feel good about. Here’s what you can count on from me:

Community Comes First

I value the power of connection and believe in fostering a supportive community for clients, vendors and team members alike.

Lead with Passion & Joy

I encourage fun, creativity and innovation in everything I do, and strive to bring fresh ideas and perspectives to clients.

Follow the Golden Rule

I treat everyone how I want to be treated: with kindness, respect, and professionalism, within a safe and inclusive environment.


I believe in honesty and transparency in all of my communications and operations and am committed to building trusting relationships with my clients.

Commit to Excellence

I hold myself and my team to the highest standards of quality and strive for excellence in everything I do, from service to customer support.

My guarantee:

I can’t promise a specific outcome with your launch – there are so many pieces to a launch, and many are out of my control. I can promise that when you work with me, you will feel supported and guided, and I will make every effort to help you get the best (realistic) results possible.

Ready to put nightmarish launches (far) in the rearview?

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