You can confidently launch your next offer even if your last launch landed flat

Because you have a secret weapon on your side ready to help you get your launch strategy on track and that turns your offer into an ATM for your business.

Low Stress, Profitable Launches Start Here

Listen, no matter what, launching takes time and technical know-how to get it right. But even if you’re not a launch expert, a step-by-step strategy tailored to your needs eliminates all of the guesswork around your launch so you can confidently bring your offer to the world.

Enter the Unf**k Your Launch Framework

Based on over five years of experience and dozens of successful launches, the Unf**k Your Launch Framework is designed to help you:

  • Connect with your audience
  • Follow a step-by-step blueprint
  • Venture towards some juicy income

So you can launch with confidence every damned time.


Research time! In this stage, we gather information about you, and your business. We also identify your ideal client and how you can best serve them by talking directly to your ideal buyers about their desires, struggles, wants, who they serve, and more. Then we organize the data to make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse.


Decision time! This phase is all about creating the compass that will guide the rest of your launch. It’s decision time: what’s included in your offer, offer title, price, positioning, target audience, marketing plan, how you deliver the offer, and your tech stack. Decisiveness is a must here or you’ll be mired down in analysis paralysis forever.


Work time! Take a deep breath. Tug your content creating beanie down over your ears. Take a sip of coffee and get ready to develop all your launch assets. I’m talking copy (that’s landing/sales pages, emails, ads, social media), design, video trainings, slides, and all the elements that make your offer pour out from that amazing brain of yours and into the hands of your audience (after they pay you, of course).


Polish time! We’re not really nitpicking – bear with me. The heavy lifting’s done, now it’s time to perfect it. In this stage, we review everything and make sure your plan and assets are on the mark. If you skip this stage, errors and mistakes can come back to bite you in the ass, potentially derailing your launch.


Tech time! This is where you get tech-y, set up your launch, and get ready to let ‘er rip. This stage can also be the most nerve-wracking if you’re not familiar with your systems. Outsourcing is an option, but it’s totally possible to DIY it if you use the resources and demos provided by the platforms you use. Pro Tip: Test EVERYTHING.

Hold On

Go time! You deserve something stronger than a coffee after all that hard work, but you do you. Your launch is LIVE, and hopefully sales are pouring in from adoring buyers. What’s next: optimize when you need to, keep track of your metrics and take a deep. freaking. breath. You earned it. At this stage you should finish off your launch with a debrief on how it went.

“Grace is good. Seriously. She not only knows courses inside and out, but she’s also phenomenal at taking the chaos tornado that’s happening in your head and turning it into a tameable beast. Thanks to Grace, I have so much more clarity on my course, what the strategy is, and how best to execute it. I’ll definitely be coming back to her.”

Grace Baldwin

Branding Expert, B2B SaaS Copywriter

Ready to start already? Sweet let’s chat!

Your launch, your way. Choose your lifeline.

Like your mama always told you – you’re special and unique (just like your launch). That’s why these services are designed to meet you where you are, whether you’re a launch newbie or a seasoned pro looking for a fresh perspective.

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Launch Overhaul Inspection

No Bull Launchpad Blueprint

Mount Launchmore Lifeline

1:1 Launch
Lightning Round

Launch Email Copywriting

Launch Overhaul Inspection

So you’ve already launched – great! How’d it go? Wait, that’s my job!
On these intensive-style audits, I look at what you’ve already done and help you optimize for future launches so you can skip the line and start increasing your sales with a strategy designed to help you grow.

This is you if…

Your last launch didn’t go according to plan and you want better results next time

You’re not sure you have the right offer, messaging, or audience fit

Your emails, social, and sales pages aren’t converting

You’ve tried to set up your funnel yourself and aren’t sure you did it right

You want to know what worked, what didn’t, and how to make it better

Whether you need support optimizing or creating your offer, auditing and optimizing your funnel, reviewing your messaging, or overhauling your funnel, I can help. You’ll get:

A 60-minute strategy session

Launch or funnel review based on the problem you want to tackle

A report with actionable recommendations and fixes

A session recording and transcript

A 30-minute review session to address questions and next steps

Ready to dial in your next launch?

Investment is US$1,495 (custom add-ons available as needed)

No Bull Launchpad Blueprint

Whether this is your first launch or you’ve got one, two, or ten under your belt, a no bull launchpad blueprint is designed to help you get unstuck with a step-by-step plan to follow.

This is for you if you…

Feel lost at any point in the process

Need to know what you need to do to get your offer live

Aren’t sure where to start when it comes to marketing your offer

Want a quick win and a plan to move your launch along

You’ll get…

A 60-minute strategy session

A launch-specific review of your offer and needs so you can hone in on a fluff-free launch

A list of everything you need to do without the extra stuff

A report with an actionable, detailed step-by-step roadmap

A session recording and transcript

28 days of basic email support for simple Q&A if you get stuck (additional coaching calls available).

30-minute wrap-up session to address questions and next steps

Ready to plan your path to profit?

Investment is US$1,995 (custom add-ons available as needed)

Mount Launchmore Lifeline: Your Done-with-you Launch!

Get hands-on support every step of the way so you get expert guidance from start to finish. Designed with accountability and on-demand support in mind, you get a pro in your corner who’s there cheering you on and helping you overcome every launch hurdle, whether it’s a molehill or an Everest-sized mountain.

This is for you if you…

Want someone to guide you and tell you what needs to be done on a week-by-week basis

Want to do the majority of the work in house, but have someone to oversee every step

Want on-demand access to a pro who can help you solve any problems or answer questions along the way

Don’t want to stress about “what the hell do I do next?”

Are truly ready to knuckle down and get to work

You’ll get…

Me, Grace, as your sherpa guide so you don’t die climbing up the mothertrucking mountain

A 60-90-minute kickoff session to discuss goals, projections, audience, tech stack, and offers — the whole shebang of your business

A detailed roadmap, templates, and research spreadsheet to get you started

A custom project management system in Trello, Asana, or ClickUp that breaks your launch down by the week so you know exactly what to do and when

6 bi-weekly 30-45 minute accountability check-ins/strategy sessions

28 days of basic email support for simple Q&A if you get stuck (additional coaching calls available).

12 weeks of on-demand Slack, Voxer or email support, no matter how complex your questions

Post-launch celebration call within 30 days of completing coaching

And, if you need help setting up your course/membership platform, copywriting, setting up your tech, scheduling emails, or anything else related to your offer, additional services are available.

Ready for a personal launch Sherpa so you can scale Mount Launchmore?

Investment starts at US$4,500 (custom add-ons available as needed)

1:1 Launch Lightning
Power Hour

If you want to get out of 1:1 client work and make more of an impact by reaching more buys, but have no idea what your offer should look like or how to structure it, these 60-minute coaching sessions are designed to give you the clarity you need.

This is for you if you’re not quite sure what you need or where to start but you need targeted support, advice, and next steps.

You’ll get…

A 60-minute 1:1 coaching call

A recording and transcript

Advice on next steps

Ready to plan your path to profit?

Investment is US$500

“Gotta-Buy-NOW” Launch Email Copywriting

If the idea of writing email sequences that sell your oh-so-carefully crafted (and vetted) offer makes you want to run off crying, dry your proverbial tears, friend.

I write compelling launch email sequences for creative biz owners like copywriters, business and copywriting coaches, and strategists.

(I’ve also written content for financial advisors, and a marketing agency with clients like a contractor, an LGBTQIA+ family coach and even a CNC machining shop.)

So If you dream of launching an online course or membership and you need emails that sell, let’s talk.

Why should you trust me to write your emails?

Well, this isn’t my first rodeo (I’ve been writing copy since 2020), and many of my clients know killer copy when they see it – they’re other copywriters!

My secret sauce isn’t just in the writing – it’s in the research. I don’t just understand your customer and your product, I get YOU. I dig deep to analyze your unique voice, giving your emails that authentic ‘you’ flavor, but clear and persuasive.

The payoff is loads of time and energy saved, a relaxed, hands-off approach, and total peace of mind knowing your messaging is in the hands of a pro. Your audience won’t just read your message – they’ll feel it and believe in you!

Lastly, we’re all sick of those gross bro-markety sales emails that invade our inboxes constantly. Selling shouldn’t be gross, it should be an exchange of money for an offer you’ve created that your audience needs and wants. No manipulation or ick in these emails.

What Do You Get?

3 promo emails

1 confirmation email

2 check-in emails

Plus, you get two rounds of revisions and a choice between three snappy subject lines and preview text options to ensure your emails pack the perfect punch.

Need more emails? Pricing is based on the number of emails in your sequence (book a call below to talk about what’s best for you).

The Guarantee

While I’d love to promise specific results (and more sales than you know what to do with), the reality is that many external factors can play into the success of an email sequence, many of them outside my control.

But here’s what I can pinky-swear: You’ll get top-quality, conversion-focused email copy that sounds just like you (only better), delivered on time and within budget.

That said, selling through email will always get better results if you make a habit of emailing your list regularly, and have an offer you know your audience will want (as in vetted and beta tested). With these pieces in place, you have a greater chance of getting amazing results from working with me.

Here’s what one delighted client said about working with me:

“Grace is a personality-driven powerhouse when it comes to brand voice and style. She has the innate ability to pull out exactly who you are and inject it into every word she writes. And she delivers results! 1300% increase in sales to be exact!”

-Stephanie Trovato, Owner of Tough Love Copy Coaching

Investment is US$1500

Frequently Asked Questions about Launch Strategies

Can you help me get a 6-figure launch?

Maybe, but there are no guarantees in the launch space. You can have the best launch strategy and game plan in the world, but that doesn’t mean something won’t go awry.

Tech issues can happen, current events that affect your industry (like copywriters affected by the rise of AI and a looming recession), even small shifts in your audience from the research phase to the cart open phase… these can affect the outcome of your launch.

A big part of launching is mindset – go into it hoping for the best, but accept the possibility ahead of time that it might not turn out how you hope.

Rest assured my friend, I’ll help you create realistic goals and expectations so that you can go into this thing with confidence.

Ready to put nightmarish launches (far) in the rearview?

You’re speaking my language…let’s chat!

“After years as “Production Director” at a major market radio station writing & producing commercials all day long, I used to consider myself a pretty good writer. Well – not so much. Grace Fortune is a force of nature. Yep, you’ve heard that before, but the honest to God truth is that Grace Fortune is a force of nature! Most of us think in a “stream of consciousness” sort of format; Grace, somehow, manages to get that level of communication down on paper. Time and time again, when I read what she writes on my behalf, I actually think I wrote it myself, but I did not – she did! Oh – did I mention she’s a delight to work with? For communication excellence and top notch administrative follow up, if you get the opportunity to work with Grace Fortune – It’s your lucky day!”

 Larry McCabe

Founder, Aloha Life & Retirement, Inc.

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